Quora User Explains Why #ModiInsultsIndia Was Trending

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Narendra ModiAn anonymous Quora user has provided an insight about why #ModiInsultsIndia was trending on twitter:


First, I am a Modi Supporter but I have written my entire answer based on facts.

Second. I have to make this anonymous because I have been closely involved in Social Media Campaigns of Political clients and Political Parties (hence i cannot reveal my identity), however,  even though I have been an integral part of campaigns, I am myself baffled to see how easy it is to mold public opinion. And #ModiInsultsIndia was one of the best examples of this.

Ok! So, let me tell you the sequence of events and what transpired. The source of information is personal observation with the digital experience I have and the friends I have in the industry who work for political parties.

Coming to the sequence of events.

The speech everyone is speaking about was delivered by Mr. Modi on the 16th of May and when did this trend? On 19th May
Do you think the media and people are twitter are so foolish that after 3 days they realized that Media has insulted India in his speech and started speaking about it.
Anyone who has been on twitter knows that it takes barely 5 minutes for anything of this sort but why did everyone speak about this after 3 days.

Simple reason being, there was nothing wrong in his speech.

Now, the question why did it trend after 3 days?

Coming to 19th May, all of sudden tweeples  woke up to see #ModiInsultsIndia trending on twitter.

How did it trend?

All the political parties these days maintain a twitter army. A twitter army is nothing but a group of 200 – 300 accounts – psuedo accounts or fake accounts (We are working to make one in our agency) with a decent no. of followers.

Now, all that a political party needs to do is to choose a hashtag, and ask the people handling these accounts to start tweeting using the hashtag at a time.And I have made personally made things trend on twitter nationally in 7 minutes. A twitter army can literally make anything trend on twitter at will.

This is exactly what happened. I started checking the top accounts who tweeted first with this hashtag. And guess what I found?
A number of fake accounts using the profile pic of some beautiful girl (because girls are most likely to get twitter followers :P) and seeing their timeline, all that I found was nothing but anti-BJP and pro-Congress tweets. It took me a second to be confirmed of the fact that this entire trend was fuelled by the twitter army of Congress.

So, if you thought that #ModiInsultsIndia trending on twitter was a general public sentiment, sorry bro, you got it absolutely wrong.

Someone in congress might have found that there was something in his speech that could be tweaked and blown out of context. 1-2 days to take approval from their leadership and fix the logistics and on 19th May, they went all guns blazing on twitter. And they chose morning, the reason being there are very few conversations on twitter in the morning, it is much easier to make anything trend nationally and worldwide, and what trends in the morning makes the headlines of the day.

We have managed to grab eyeballs and create headlines on leading newspapers by getting something trended on twitter on several occasions and this was nothing but another instance of this.

A few examples of the psuedo-accounts who were involved in making this trend.

swati chaturvedi – Multiple tweets with the hashtag #ModiInsultsIndia and her timeline is filled with anti-BJP tweets and nothing else.

ツSonal ♡ (@SonalMehra_) | Twitter-Another example Her Profile Pic and Name says it all – Anyone active on social media will easily tell that it is a fake account.

Aarti (@aartic02) | Twitter – Her entire timeline is filled with anti-BJP and pro-AAP tweets and nothing else

ProudIndian Mehek


कोमल :) (@Komal_Indian) | Twitter

Shameful Jumla (@JumleBazi) | Twitter

Sagar RGFC#WithRG

So, if you go through all these provide whose tweets has several RTs contributing to the trending of these trends, there a few things is common:

1. Either they are fake accounts or accounts of Congress / AAP volunteers – People who form a part of the anti-BJP twitter army

2. Their timeline has nothing but pro-BJP / pro-AAP and anti-BJP tweets

3. They tweet an average of 10-15 anti BJP tweets a day. All of us are interested in Politics. How many of you malign the image of a political party every single day with 15-20 tweets? Nobody would find the time for the same unless this has some gain for you.

I was later informed by my friends in the industry that the entire activity was planned by the Congress twitter Army.

And the aftermath? Every newspaper, publication news, the likes of Youth Ki Awaaz and Scoop Whoop who are know be anti-modi reported that people are venting their anger out on Modi on twitter and made stories out of it. Public opinion moulded so easily!

Ok, so now coming to the fact that did Modi insult India?

Some of the initial tweets said, “Modi said he was ashamed of being an India”
Fact: Check the entire video embedded in the end of this answer. There’s not a single reference of Modi saying that he was ashamed of calling himself an Indian

The other widely shared image on twitter was:

This is a clear example of bad translation and blowing things out of context.

Coming to what he actually said:

(I do have a little better translation skills that the news agencies)

Within an year World Bank, IMF and rating agencies have unanimously reported that India has seen over 7% growth. The entire world is saying that India is the fastest growing country in the world. These are not my words but the words of agencies who have the authority to state these facts.

In an year the pessimism from, “Chodo Yaar, Doob Gaye, Kucch hoga Nahi, Bhagwan Bachaye, Pata Nahi Pichle Janam mei kya paap kiye tha ki yahaan paida huey” has changed to the fact the country that has seen maximum growth in the past one year is

(Check the video embedded below from 22:20)

And the crowd cheered when he said this. Are these people on twitter only the intelligent souls on the planet?

If he insulted India, were the Indian citizens he was addressing fools to cheer him.


No. 1:  He never told that he was ashamed to be born as an Indian.

No.2: He spoke of the pessimism changing to a optimistic  situation with unprecedented growth

No. 3: He never said that the changed only happened because he came to power.

(And remember his Red fort speech where he said that every government, every prime minister has to be given due credit for the development in India)

Also what the Congress twitter army and Media won’t ever tell you is the following words he said in the same speech (Watch: 20:21) just before the words above that created controversy

Agar Hum Hamare Virasat Par Garv na Karey, Apni Shakti Pe garv Na Karey, Toh Koi Na Karega.

Duniya bhi hum pe Tab Sveekar Karegi Jab Hum Khud  bhi toh apne desh ka gaurav gaan karna suru Karenge.

Humi Agar Apne Desh ko Koshtey rahenge, Chhodo yaar…Desh Aisa Nahi Chalega

Now Translating this:

If we are not proud of our history (history means the period when Modi was not in power for your information), our abilities, nobody will respect us.

The world will accept us when we start feeling proud of ourselves. Cribbing about the country is not the way it works.

Reference video (The Actual Speech):




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