It’s ‘Jurassic World’ at Select CITYWALK in Saket, Delhi!

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dinosaur (1)

Visitors met with a lovely surprise this weekend as they visited Select CITYWALK – one of the most preferred shopping destinations of the capital city. Shoppers were greeted with life size installation of a dinosaur at the SCW atrium. What was more special was the fact that the entire installation was made using recyclable egg trays. It was undoubtedly a visual delight to the visitors who stood awe-struck with the sheer finesse and beauty if the art piece.

Conceptualized by Ankiit Malhotra of Comme Sogno Vero and executed by Artist Anant Misra, this installation not only stands for ‘limitless creativity’ but also speaks of environmental conservation. Made from recyclable waste, it depicts that recycling can be beautiful and do wonders while the dinosaur also conveys an important message. It is a reminder that if an animal as big and as powerful as a dinosaur got extinct due to the changing ecosystem, humans also face the risk. The installation encourages us to ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ for a greener, better and brighter future.

Earlier, the installation of Lord Hanuman made using 26,000 bells had also attracted lot of eye balls at Select CITYWALK. SCW has been known to continuously delight its customers coming up with something exciting every time.

The installation would be placed inside the  shopping centre till the 5th of July. Do visit SCW to witness this great piece of art!







653 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 651 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 0 653 Flares ×