Go Local, Go Organic with Handpicked By Select CITYWALK

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12342765_630126417130006_2886438903073285438_nIn an age of ever-increasing diseases due to inorganic insecticides and pesticides, the need of the hour is truly organic food devoid of harmful chemicals for a healthier lifestyle. Organic food is not only safe to eat but also increases energy, boosts the immune system, prevents immature ageing, tastes better, reduces the risk of heart related diseases and improves digestion besides being highly rich in nutrients, vitamins and fibre.

While the craze for ‘organic’ food is catching up and several organic brands / stores have emerged, what the capital city lacked was a one stop solution to stock up your kitchen with organic products and ingredients.

Fret No more!  Select CITYWALK, Delhi’s favourite shopping destination brings you a one-stop solution to high quality organic products and veggies that’s healthy, wholesome, tastier and absolutely safe. You can now shop a wide range of authentic organic foods from some of the best brands in the city is at ‘Handpicked by Select CITYWALK’ at the first floor balcony every Sunday 11 am onwards.

From fresh vegetables, homemade jams, pickles to live organic breakfast, there’s a wide range of organic, uncontaminated, complelety safe and tasty organic products to shop at ‘Handpicked by Select CITYWALK.’ While you explore the market, there are plenty of options to please your taste buds including the much loved Anna Perenna Pizza and The French FARM Gourmet.











The products which certainly deserve a place in your bucket list at the event include the Cold pressed artisan dairy-free milks from all nut  available fresh in several flavours and the delicious range of  pickles and jams from Sue’s Homemade Preserve. The other brands to look out for at Handpicked include I Say Organic and Mashobra Organics.

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While providing a healthier option to thousands of residents in and around the city, Handpicked has also successfully reduced the gap between farmers and consumers of organic farming. And what also adds to the excitement and your shopping spree is live music and free parking at Handpicked along with great organic products.

This Sunday, do visit Handpicked at Select CITYWALK to Go Local and Go Organic!



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